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Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors
Temperature sensors
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Product Description

Temperature sensors

Temperature, Pressure & Flow rate Integrated Monitor

  • Temperature, Pressure & Velocity integrated monitor has high precision micro differential pressure sensor and static pressure sensor.
  • Equipped with purge unit.
  • Protection for over pressure to avoid damage to pressure sensor and lower operation cost.
  • Anti-Blocking and anti-corrosion for Pitot.
  • Strengthen protection for signal output.

Technical Specifications

  • Range : 0 to 40 m/s
  • Accuracy : +/- 5% FS
  • Principle : Pitot
  • Output Signal : 3 x 4-20 mA, 1x232/485
  • Pressure limit of differential pressure transmitter : 4.0MPa
  • Pitot Material : 316 SS
  • Pitot Insert Length : 500 to 1700 mm
  • Range of Pressure Transmitter : -5 kPa to +5 kPa
  • Range of Temperature Transmitter : 0 to 300°C 
  • Purge Pressure : 0.3 MPa to 0.8 MPa    
  • Process Conditions Temperature Range of Flue Gas : -40°C     to 300°C
  • Work Temperature : -40°C to 70°C Storage
  • Temperature : 0°C to 50°C
  • Storage Humidity : 0 to 85%RH

Advantages of Uniphos CEMS system

  • Extractive type system  (Hot extractive system with sample cooling and cold analyser)
  • NDIR  based system long Life maintenance free with automatic Air clean System
  • Peltier probe : Eliminates need to heat traced line.
  • Routine Maintenance cost /Consumable : Maintenance free system only Gas cylinders are required at the time of calibration.
  • Power consumption : 450 VA(For entire System)
  • Online Zero and Span Verification Facility : Available
  • Calibration Frequency : Quarterly
  • Approval : TUV
  • Zero/Span Drift : Yes
Basic Characteristics of OCEMS and CEMS System
  • Digital communication with distance computer for data acquisition /recording /reporting
  • DAS(Data acquisition System) Defines the logging of digital data from analyser.
  • Data Transferred directly from analyzer (no in between logic) to CPCB/SPCB
  • Data validated its encryption format (Tamperproof).
  • The system records  all monitored sample values and transfer 30 Minutes average value to DAHS.
  • System do have provision to access the momentarily values as and when required.
  • Data Validation Protocol inbuilt with data quality codes to define specification in DAS /Data Logger.

Customer List for CEMS / OCEMS

STEEL - Our customers include several well known companies who are currently using our CEMS & placing repeat orders also. We have installed in all possible steel plant areas – Sinter Plant, Coke Oven, HBI, Blast Furnace, Power Plant, Lime Calcining Plant, Raw Material Plant etc.

They are -

  • Essar Steel, Hazira (MORE THAN 20 INSTRUMENTS)
  • Steel Authority of India (All Plants – Bokaro, Durgapur, Bhilai, Rourkela),
  • TISCO (Tata Steel)
  • Jindal Steel & Power
  • MECON / IOL (Kota) / IMECO
  • CEMENT - Our customer list includes several well known Cement Companies like :-
  • Gujarat Ambuja Cements
  • Manikgarh Cements

Customer List for CEMS / OCEMS

  • Gujarat Siddhee Cement
  • Birla Cement, Chittor
  • Sanghi Cements
  • JK Laksmi Cements
  • Madras Cements & Several Medium and Small Cement Plants like Rashmi, Burnpur etc.
  • POWER - Our Customer list includes several well know Power Companies like :-
  • Neyvelli Thermal Power Station is one our largest customers and we have more than 30 CEMS working in their power plants. They have been our customers since last 10 years.
  • National Thermal Power Station
  • Kota Thermal Power Corporation
  • PHARMA –Ranbaxy Gwalior , Dr. Reddy, USV, Aurobindo, Lupin Pharma Indore  etc.

END Customer List for CEMS / OCEMS

  • Supur House Limited  Unnao U.P.
  • Super Tannery Ltd.  Kanpur U.P.
  • Kota Thermal Power Ltd. Kota Rajsthan
  • Jagpin Breweries Ltd Udaipur Rajsthan
  • Ram Shyam Goel & Sons ..Modi Nagar U.P.
  • DN Yarn Dyers Bhadohi U.P.
  • M.K.Dying (Dada Nagar Kanpur U.P.)
  • Shree Radhika Enterprises Panki Kanpur U.P.
  • Oxford Tanning Industries Banthor U.P.
  • Unique International Kanpur U.P.
  • RA Trade Industries Kanpur U.P.
  • Pool Services Kanpur U.P.
  • Chawla textiles Kanpur U.P.
  • Diomond Hausiery Kanpur U.P
  • Prakash Textiles Kanpur U.P.
  • Praveen Textiles Kanpur U.P.
  • Shivam Textiles Kanpur U.P.
  • Shikhar Textiles Kanpur U.P.
  • Mukund Industries Kanpur U.P.
  • Double AAR Industries Kanpur U.P.
  • Centex Fabrics Ludhiana Punjab
  • Sarvodaya Bleaching Works Kanpur U.P.
  • V.S.Textiles Rooma U.P.
  • Seema Industry Delhi
  • Bharat Tanning Industries Kanpur U.P.
  • Tanners India Kanpur U.P.
  • Jai Bharat Industries Kanpur U.P.
  • Namaste India Kanpur U.P.
  • Garhi Detergent Kanpur U.P.
  • Parag Dairy
  • Raj Dyers Bhadohi U.P.
  • Breight Tanning Industries Kanpur U.P.
  • Jet Knit wear Kanpur U.P.
  • VTI Export Kanpur U.P.
  • HR Traders Kanpur U.P.
  • Vertex Industries U.P.
  • Sunshine Industries Kanpur U.P.
  • PHED karnal haryana
  • PHED Taraori
  • PHED Nelokheri
  • America Dying Farrukhhabad
  • RJ fashion Farrukhhabad
  • Raaj Infra Gurgaon
  • Engineering Plus Faridabad Haryana
  • Omaxe Auto Gurgaon
  • Amba Engineering Projects Faridabad
  • Unique Enterprises Faridabad
  • And many more

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